Commercial Pool Systems has multiple ranges of heating systems available to meet all budgets.  Cheaper heaters tend to be less efficient, which means increased energy costs over the life of the unit. Cheaper units also generally run pool water through the heater, meaning increased chemical wear, often resulting in increased repair costs. Couple the extra costs in gas and repairs, can often mean cheaper units cost more than their purchase price over their working lifespan.

We only use heating systems that have a proven track record. Our range incorporates standard efficiency Boilers such as Raypak Premium range, and higher efficiency units such as the Pentair Master-temp. Both of these units are price-competitive as they run the pool water through the heater itself.

For customers requiring the highest efficiency and longevity, we also have available custom condensating boiler/titanium heat exchanger packages. These units run efficiencies upto 96%, and do not run pool water through the boiler, which dramatically increases the boiler life. The pool water only passes through a titanium heat exchanger, which is chosen for its almost indestructible qualities. These can be custom configured to use multiple boilers and/or multiple heat exchangers to provide redundancies or heat different bodies of water, and even provide hot water for facilities or showers.

Contact us and we will recommend the best solution for your individual circumstances.